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Smoky Grey Dope Glass™ 11″ “Onoel” Waterpipe

$71.90 CAD $57.52 CAD
This little chugger comes with a fixed down-stem and internal 6 arm tree perc!

Special “Family Guy” 13″ 9mm Waterpipe

$90.90 CAD $72.72 CAD
Special Dope Glass™ “Family Guy” 13″ 9mm Straight Shooter

Yellow 32″ 7mm “Excavate” Toxic™ Waterpipe

$201.90 CAD $161.52 CAD
Yellow 32″ 7mm ‘Excavate’ TOXIC Water-pipe

Yellow Dope Glass™ “Chises” 6.5″ Waterpipe

$81.90 CAD $65.52 CAD
This beautiful “Chises” water pipe with disc perc was named after the god of dreams, and has a perfect little